The New Prince of Orange

See Gravesend High Street and New Road like never before!

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Inspired by an old colour postcard of the street, we’ve created a filter that reimagines the present in the style of the past. Take your own commemorative picture by tapping the capture button and share it and your memories of Gravesend with us at @ingraveshamfootsteps

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This experience was inspired by an old postcard showing the pub which stood here  for almost 150 years: the New Prince of Orange.

We loved the vibrant colours and grainy texture of the postcard and wanted to see the street today in the same way. You can see the postcard and discover more about the Prince of Orange here.

There are many tales of thieves, swindlers and misbehaviour occurring at the New Prince of Orange. On 3rd January 1837 the South Eastern Gazette reported an incident:

“On Monday morning the inhabitants were greatly annoyed for two or three hours by a gang of loose idle fellows throwing snow balls at every person passing; and for a length of time it was impossible to enter the “Prince of Orange,” or “Lord Nelson” inns without being assaulted. The police were sent for in every direction; but not one was to be found. We trust that at the next meeting of the watch committee the cause of this neglect of duty will be fully investigated.”

The New Prince of Orange closed in 1928, and the building was converted into a tailors.

Postcard of the New Prince of Orange, date unknown via Paul Skelton